Pacific Grove Police Department Charger

The 2018 Charger produced for PGPD looks great patrolling the City of Pacific Grove. The Charger is equipped with lighting and siren by Whelen, console and MDT mounting by Havis, video by L3, prisoner transport equipment by Setina, weapon storage by Setina, trunk storage by Setina, and MDT by Datalux. This is a great looking and user-friendly patrol unit built for the lovely City of Pacific Grove.

Seaside Police Department Command Tahoe

This 2018 Chevy Tahoe built for the City of Seaside was created to help command staff manage incidents while on the scene. This vehicle was the first to receive new graphics with their new look. The new modern design carries over to the equipment as well. All of the newest technology in warning systems was installed in this Tahoe. Lighting by Whelen and Rigid Industries, siren and howler by Whelen, console by Troy, MDT mounting by Hint, MDT docking by Havis, weapon storage by Setina, single prisoner transport by Setina, rear command box by Truck Vault, two-way radios by Harris, video by WatchGuard, and 12-volt distribution by 911 Circuits. A build to be proud of, and excited for the City of Seaside to receive this up to date, quality vehicle.

Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP)

This MRAP was built to serve the Monterey Regional Area in rescue and tactical operations. Designing and executing this build was a challenge, but the result was well worth the mental and physical efforts. Equipped with lighting by Whelen and Rigid Industries, dual sirens by Whelen, custom console by Troy, Havis, and EVS, two-way radios by Kenwood, headset system by David Clark, on-board generated power by Honda, battery charging system by Kussmaul, and tool storage by Valley Fab, the larger than life MRAP is ready for any situation.

Patrol Cars and Command Vehicles Upfitting

Patrol cars and command vehicles are two of our specialties at Emergency Vehicle Specialists. Officer safety is our top priority, and we pride ourselves on producing exceptional patrol vehicles. We provide fitting and repair services to clients all across California while maintaining the highest standards in customer service and quality. Along with designing vehicles, we also offer other fleet operation services, including repairs, troubleshooting, and dealership assistance with factory spec options.

Proudly Serving Police Departments

If you live near Pacific Grove, you may see the police department’s 2018 Charger that was upgraded by EVS. We equipped the Charger with Whelen lighting and sirens, a Havis console and MDT mounting, Setina trunk and weapon storage, and many other patrol car essentials. The vehicle looks great on the inside and outside, and we hope the state-of-the-art technology helps the members of the Pacific Grove PD do their jobs. EVS has done work for the Seaside Police Department, too. Their 2018 Chevy Tahoe has a great modern design and uses the newest technology, and the vehicle was the first in the department to receive new graphics. For the Monterey Regional Area, we provided a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle. The MRAP was one of our biggest challenges, but the results were worth the hard work.

If you have your fleet built at EVS, you’ll enjoy user-friendly, reliable, and effective vehicles. Please visit our gallery to see our latest builds.

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