Donna Haynes

Donna Haynes

Chief Executive Officer

Donna was appointed CEO at the board of directors meeting January 29th, 2015. After being appointed COO in 2011 and then assuming the responsibilities of the CFO she worked hard to learn every aspec of our company and then determine the direction it should take. In the past 3 years we have quadrupled our customer base, employees and expanded our territories along with a second location in San Luis Obispo. Negotiating contracts with City, State and Government Agencies as well as overseeing the majority of the day to day operations, Donna has taken on a very hands on approach. She stated at the Board of Directors Meeting “I am honored to have the Board’s faith and trust in me. I am very excited about my appointment and looking forward to what is ahead.”

With 24 years experience in sales and marketing, Donna brings the enthusiasm and professionalism that makes EVS West stand out among the rest. She started her career in the two way radio field with Fisher Communications. She was hired at Hendrix Electronics focusing on Motorola sales and signing subscribers to the 800mhz SMR’s. Donna then followed her husband Steve to Clackamas Communications where she was hired as the sales manager for 2 shops, Salinas and Santa Cruz. There she focused on a large list of clients within the public safety, private business and farming communities.

After 8 years, Donna then went on to spend the next 14 years in sales and management for several large computer companies and as the procurement manager for a Dallas based company.

After leaving her last employer, Donna chose to join her husband Steve in the day to day running of Emergency Vehicle Specialists, Inc (EVS). This has allowed EVS West to focus on expanding the customer base, increasing the number of employees, expanding the facility and offering superior services to our customers. Also, with a strong background in accounting and finance, Donna overseas the operations of the administration, human resources and sales departments.

She & Steve both support local non-profits agencies such as: Animal Friends Rescue Project, Elephants of Africa Rescue Society, Local Police & Fire Benefits and many others. With 4 grown children, 7 grandchildren and 6 dogs their personal life is just as busy as their professional.

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